Ramadan 2017 Time Table

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Community Monthly Meeting/FAMILY DINNER

South Devon Islamic Organisation (SDIO)- WWW.SDIO.ORG.UK Ramadan prayer times in South Devon/Newton Abbot./ Ramadan 1438 May 2017 - June 2017 / If Eid on Sunday 25/06 , then the Eid Prayer will be at 9.00 am./If Eid on Monday 26/06, then the Eid Prayer will be at 8 am.at the Courtenay centre, Newton abbot. Free Plenty of parking spaces. Welcome for men, women and children./ Friday Prayer: 1.20 pm,Fajr Prayer: 10 min. after Azan , Ishaa jammat prayer : 1 hour after maghrib, then trawih prayer.

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