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The new Muslim Burial Area in Newton Abbot Cemetery.

South Devon Islamic Organisation (SDIO)www.sdio.org.uk The new Muslim Burial Area in Newton Abbot Cemetery. South Devon Islamic Organisation can confirm that the section of land (Section K) is specifically for Muslim burials in Newton Abbot Cemetery,Newton Abbot Cemetery has initially proposed 50 plots with the option toextend. People can purchase a grave in advance for a period of 20 years, if afterthis date no interments have taken place then the owner would need torepurchase the grave at the cost it will be then. If an interment does takeplace within the 20 years then the right of burial will be extended to 50years from the date of interment. However the Newton Abbot Cemetery will not ask you to repurchase the grave once an interment has taken place. Teignbridge District Council Cemetery Fee’s from 1 st April 2016 to 31 st March 2017 These fees are applicable in respect of deceased persons, who were, immediately prior to their death, resident within the District of Teignbridge. (For non-residents the fees will be doubled.) Interments Earthen GravesStillborn – 4 years (infant grave) FOC 5 years – 15 years (child’s grave) FOC 16 years and overSingle 4ft (1.22m) £480.00 Saturdays/Bank Holidays: Funerals on a Saturday or Bank Holiday are at the discretion of the Council and can only be considered when manpower is available to carry out the necessary works. Interment additional £330.00 Purchase of gravesAdult’s grave (over 12 years) 7’ x 3’6” (2.13m x 1.06m) £720.00 Child or infant grave 4’6” x 2’6” (1.37m x 0.76m) £320.00 Please note: A grave plot may be purchased in advance for a term of 20 years but it should be noted that, in most cases, the next consecutive grave or cremation plot number will be issued. Monuments – Purchased graves only (including inscriptions)Headstone, (Adult’s grave) £150.00Headstone, (Child’s grave) £70.00 For more information, please visit www.teignbridge.gov.uk South Devon Islamic Organisation is Working alongside local communities, Mosques, Imams and the funeral directors, the new Muslim cemetery will be an ideal natural burial ground that caters for the requirements of Islamic custom. Our local funeral director is : The Co-operative Funeral care Newton Abbot, Address: AlbanyChapel, Albany Street, Newton Abbot ,TQ12 2AN, tel:01626205269 www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk

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